The Awakening – My First Post

I grew up in a musically inclined family. My parents are both part of a band. My mom being the lead singer while my dad plays the drums. Growing up at school, my mom enrolled me in various music related classes, voice lessons, piano and the list are never ending.


My fondness with music grew as I age. From classical to rock music, my fondness was influenced by mostly network. The genre I was listening to suddenly expand to a wide selection of songs. As life started to unravel, my love for music slowly faded away in the background of work, family, children and lots of other things. I still love listening to music, but now instead of a passion, it has grown cold and turned more of a habit rather than a way of living.

I have started several blogs in the past, but this site is unique among all of them because this is where I will try to awaken my passion for music. My goal is to fill this site with music resources from a wide variety of genres that most people can relate to regardless of their age or ethnicity. I will also welcome your thoughts and opinions and hope that this site will be interactive and engaging. Looking forward to start blogging with you.